“Every minute on the water is pure pleasure, freesailing Same as working with my students, watching their progress

For more than 25 years Tom Brendt has been coaching watersports and for more than 20 years he is running windsurf clinics all over the world. At the same time he dedicated his life to coach some of worlds best Pro Windsurfers and use his experience and dedication to make every single Windsurfer feel better, learn faster an enjoy more.

During his life before becoming a Windsurfer, Tom has also been dedicated to sports every minute, has worked with many different coaches, coaching methods, fitness experts, nutritionists and mind coaches

Coaching different Windsurfers, pro and amateur, Tom has been in search for the most ideal fitness and brain workouts and puts his knowledge into the Clinics

passionate to make YOU better, learn faster and enjoy more


  • Windsurf Coach since 1998
  • Pro Coach and Clinics since 2001
  • Coach of 9x Worldchampion Gollito Estredo
  • Teaches and coaches all Levels 
  • Windsurf – Surf -SUP – MTB
  • Tom Coaches in german – english – spanish – italian
  • also coaching in Fitness

Tom´s life

Tom was born and raised in the far west of germany

After school and professional education he decided to have a change in life and start travelling the world, exploring new countries, learning new languages and learn something new day in day out

Toms life as Pro Coach began more than twenty years ago, after few years as watersport instructor at various Windsurf, Kite and Catamaran Centers and competing in Windsurf Competitions, with waves being his biggest passion and addiction

Since twenty years by now Tom is working with worlds best Windsurfers and organizing the windsurflabor.de Clinics for all Level Windsurfers and in Cooperation with Fanatic / Duotone (NorthSails) / ION / Fanatic Boarderscenter, Duotone Pro Center and ION Club (Club Mistral) always eager to make just every single one a better Windsurfer, to have more fun on and off the water

Tom had been based at the Freestyle mecca or El Yaque in Venezuela for 18 years and trained with worlds finest Freestyle artists

Over 15 years ago the autodidact started to fully explore the fields of Photography and never stopped since

Over the years TB published tons of images in print media, online media, Videos, Books and Cinema Movie and started to cover Windsurf and Kite Competitions 

Travel Stories just came along with the daily photographic work and travels


If interested, you can follow Tom´s photography here

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Calle La Niña 6, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Spain