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I am Tom Brendt and I would love to become YOUR Coach

My passion is to bring more joy into everyones Windsurf Life and make stepping up to new Levels easier than ever. In our technical but also demanding sport, I love to not only explain how manouvers and correct and controlled sailing works, I want to show ways to feel, understand, learn and really enjoy the practice and make learning so much easier and faster.


“It is my passion, my desire, to coach, to help just anyone to get better, learn faster and to enjoy more”

Thank you, Tom, for the great week and the excellent instruction you have given to us. I made tremendous progress. Thanks a lot also for all the additional programme and the joint time. I enjoyed every minute of it. The probability of joining another clinic is even higher than the high wind probability in Furteventura in July… 😉
Thanks a lot to everybody for the great company. It was wonderful to be in the clinic with you!
”  Roland B.

Who is Coach Tom Brendt

More than 20 years running Clinics – more than 25 years of coaching experience – including some of worlds top Pro athletes and hundreds of satisfied students…



Clinic in south bay of EL MEDANO Wave introduction + Freeride / Carve / Manouvers


Active week Windsurf – Surf / SUP – MTB – Wingfoil – Action packed week


WAVE SPECIAL All about Waves – waveriding – surf – SUP – advanced and wavestarter


Freeride/Wave beginner / Carve + Ride/ Jump at Las Cucharas, Costa Teguise

TBC Topics

  • Starters Wave
  • Advanced Waves
  • Freeride + Carve
  • Freestyle
  • Intermediate

Intermediate + advanced Clinic on open sea and lagoon at Risco del Paso, south of Fuerteventura


Highwind Freeride / Carve and Ride / highwind control, highwind specials and manouvers

KOS – Psalidi

Intermediate Freeride, Carve, Ride / Bump & Jump + Freestyle Beginners Psalidi Kos


Freeride and Carve for all Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfers at Lake Garda

Starters Wave 

Lanzarote – Tenerife – Moulay

Advanced Waves

Moulay – Lanzarote

Freeride + Carve

Tenerife – Lanzarote – Fuerteventura – Karpathos – Kos – Torbole


Fuerteventura – Kos


Fuerteventura – Kos – Torbole



I have windsurfed for 20+ years at a pretty good level doing forward loops and sailing in big conditions… I met Tom in Lanzarote and I have had quite a few 121s with him over the last couple of years. I always felt there was something missing from my sailing, it was good but not great. Tom sorted that! He pimped my forwards – now I am stalling them all over the place, I am landing back loops – in one day I landed more following a lesson with Tom than I had in 30 years, I can shaka consistently and I am getting so much more out of every session. Unlike many coaches Tom does not just give you a few tips and tell you to pull the trigger. He builds you up step by step so you learn how to do moves consistently without risking injury. Great coach, great bloke and great results 10/10″

Rating: 5 out of 5.


After many years of trying to forward loop and lots of crashes. I had some 1-1 lessons with Tom. That changed my approach completely. After a few sessions I was round on my back. Now I can land them clean and the fear has gone. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I want to thank you so much for all those amazing moments, on the water but also on the beach. It has been an unforgettable week and experience. Your natural motivation, your eye for all the details, your talent and skills to explain so clearly, your infinite patience and your very empathic charisma and you being such a humble person has been very special for us.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had an amazing holiday, thank you. I learnt so much from the clinic and you explain everything so well and clearly. I cant wait to join you on one of your next clinics

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Learn, feel and understand the right technique, get the fundamentals right. Step by Step and with the right and individual excercises on and off the water


Overcome your fears, learn how to let the mind work for you. Get ready to dare, to act, to learn and to enjoy.


Learn anything about weather, waves, currents and safety. Understand how to choose the right gear and how to rigg and trim your gear properly

“Be fit, achieve that your mind works for you, to dare, to act and enjoy in the end”


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