“Karpathos is the highwind destination on our Clinic Tour, ideal to let me help you achieving highwind control and to learn and adjust manouvers to the super strong winds. I would love to shoe you how to set up the gear right for these conditions and to finally enjoy those highwind days ”   Tom

⊕ highwindcontrol and manouvers

⊕ learn and improve new manouvers, carve + ride better

⊕ spend an intense and fun week with like minded people

required sailing abilities: secure sailing in footstraps and waterstart

Spot description

  • Flatwater or Choppy – depending on sailing area / bay
  • Highwind Spot – GUN bay in front of ION CLUB
  • DEVILS bay – in one line to Gun Bay – even stronger wind and more chop
  • Chicken Bay – flat and shallow bay – works even on super strong wind days – caution sandbank and gusts
  • Wetsuit recommended: Shorts + Lycra or 2mm

more about the spot

  • no ground contact after start and exit
  • offshore wind – GPS available and recommended on stronger days
  • constant baywatch and rescue service
  • Windsurf Center 2 min from Karpathos Airport
  • Restaurant / Bar onsite


We will be running six full on individual coaching days, with morning and afternoon sessions, filming and video analisis, on water and on land training, highwind tips, gear setup workshop, evening program and a windsurf fotoshoot. In case of a lightwind day or if the wind is just that bit too strong, we move to the Chicken Bay so on Board training is always garanteed.

The ION CLUB KARPATHOS will be our host and at its two Centers serves the newest and finest Duotone / Fanatic / ION gear. SHOP and Restaurant onside are also available and your Room will be right next to the Windsurfcenter

Highwindcontrol and Carve Manouvers + better / more ergonomic sailing will be the main topics

“Besides being THE highwind Destination of our Clinic Tour, the clinics on Karpathos are always very special due to a great Windsurf center, Restaurant and superb staff being there for us a 100% and making anything possible”



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